Editorial Rimpego


Joaquín Alegre Alonso

Translation: Mar Balboa Carbón

There are cities that hide their grandeur under a mantle of humility. This is exemplified in León, a city where the Romans established a pioneering camp, and its mediaeval inhabitants painted the ‘Sistine chapel of the Romanesque period’, crowned an emperor, founded the first ‘democratic parliament’ and erected the dream of the Gothic style. Buildings of Plateresque delicacy and the Baroque exuberance came later; and just yesterday, the modernism of Gaudi and the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture made their appearance. You will find all this under the same humble blue sky that witnessed its history. A new, fresh and modern vision of a bi-millenary city, with rigorous and informative texts that includes the latest data, such as the inclusion of the Decreta of León in the Memory of the World Register (UNESCO 2013).

205 X 270 mm | 96 páginas | rústica cosida

ISBN: 978-84-941432-2-9